The Thread of a Beaded Necklace: Part 6


Dear Blanch & Shock,

They Are Here invite you to make an artwork that re-interprets an artwork we will present to you.

On the page beneath is Silver Screen Changeable, 2014 by Antonio Roberts.

This piece has been created in response to a previous work Screen-Shot-2013-09-19-at-14.38.08_TomTrevatt_Threadartwork_Part4_Hannah_ Edward_08_11_2013 by Hannah Edward, which featured in Art Licks Issue 14.

This is the sixth artwork in a series.

We invite you to create a new work in any media in response to Silver Screen Changeable, 2014. We are interested in equivalence, in which two items correspond or are virtually identical especially in effect or function. Documentation or actual artwork can be submitted through email to studio@theyarehere.net.

It is our intention that a chain of works will emerge from a series of invitations. These will, at some unspecified time in the future, be exhibited in a physical space. However, until that time, this chain will be represented in publications both on and offline. Please see www.thethreadofabeadednecklace.net or follow us through Art Licks publication, who will be collaborating with us to present the work.

We, They Are Here, will determine when we believe the chain is complete. This may be on the occasion of an artwork emerging that successfully links the latest in the chain with the first (Lily’s Nose, 2010), or the creation of a second work by They Are Here that links the latest with the first.

We look forward to your response,

Helen Walker & Harun Morrison


June 2014